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Martello Tower

Martello Tower in Pett, East Sussex

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Graham Chillingworth
2 Feb 2007

This site specific piece stands in the same place as the 38th Martello tower ever built. This stood on Pett-level beach and was partly destroyed by explosive testings and then finished by longshore drift sharing the same fate as my sculptures. I use the same stone as they would have used in 1804 (when the tower was started to be built). This fallen sandstone is rich in iron and from Fairlight cliffs. This project is reconstructed with every chance I get as a performance piece, videoed and recorded for an exhibition for the winter. I use this equipment to be able to present the sensory experience to the audience as best and possible. This performance will become more common over the summer, with twists on the same theme. I will be adverting the were abouts and the dates. This event has to be timed with the tides. I start when the tide is on its way out and give myself until the tide comes back in and reaches my feet to build the sculpture bigger and better then before. Using nothing but my own strength and dry walling techniques. This performance will be on going through out the year, feel free to approach me and join in. I have now built over 10 of these sculptures. I will be holding future beach side projects, so keep your eyes open

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